We use agents!

We collaborate with a range of agencies and organisations around the world to help international students with the process of applying to study here.  

Some agents and organisations can assist with other practical arrangements including flights, visas and accommodation. Search the list of agents by country below, and visit their websites for further information.

Our current agents are listed below:

- AA Plus Education Group Pty Ltd
- ABC Agent s.r.o.,
- Australia Study Care Pty Ltd
- Bridge Blue Pty Ltd
- DK Science & Learning International Student Centre
- Education and Visa Agency Pty Ltd
- Egali Intercambio Pty Ltd
- GSS Education Pty Ltd
- Linksolution Group Pty Ltd
- Phoukhoun Education Centre
- StudyNet Pty Ltd
- Study Bird
- Study Plus Pty Ltd
- S & K International Education Pty Ltd
- Tatana Kvapilova
- Vakom Overseas Education Limited Partnership 
- Kukabara Agency s.r.o.
- Information Planet 

The Management School Sydney Agent Agreement Application Process

Agent Application The Management School Sydney

1. Download Application & CoE Forms

2. Complete all forms and prepare all additional documents for your application

Complete all the forms and prepare additional documents for your Agent Application.

Complete both Agent Application and CoE forms. Prepare these supporting documents:

  • Company registration in English language
  • Company profile in English language
  • MARn Certificate if applicable
  • PIER Certificate if applicable

3. Upload or email all forms along with other supporting documents.

Upload or email all completed forms along with supporting documents.

Collect all above mentioned documents and either email or upload these to us. Use the below buttons for either. Note: application will not be processed if all documents are not received.

  Email Us   Upload

4. Reference check

Reference check

In the Applicaition form you have to mention 3 referees. We are going to contact all of them in writing via email. Minimum of one positive reference is needed. Please contact all of your referees to answer our reference check email. 

5. Sign Agent Agreement

Sign Agent Agreement

The Management School Sydney will assign you as a representative if you fulfill all the criteria. Such a company will enter into a business relationship described in the Agent Agreement. This in draft will be emailed to a prospective agent. Once the prospective agent agrees with all the conditions of the Agent Agreement, TMSS and the prospective agent will sign the Agent Agreement. TMSS will then create an agent account in the TMSS management system. Only then can an agent receive Offer Letters and CoEs for their clients. The agent will then be officially appointed and will also receive a Certificate of Representation.